Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary: Postdated

Mom and Dad,
Thank you for staying married for 42 long freakin years, even when everything told you to move on, go another way, give up, give in. Your marriage alone, your commitment, loyalty, love for one another, dedication to our family, has left an impression on me that is more profound than any amount of money, gifts, stories and lessons, discipline and rules, guidance or advice (although those things are cool too.) No one ever said marriage was easy, but yours is what it's supposed to be. Enduring, strengthening over time, loving in spite of it all, hunkering down and getting through, and rising up to meet at the end, better, stronger, shaped and curved, like driftwood floating on a rocky current, smooth, graceful and sturdy after it's all said and done, resting peacefully on the sand.


  1. Beautiful words, Ame, for your dear parents. What a love story they have! I read it to Reid. He said, "she's a beautiful writer." He also said, "I wish she wrote that before my parents 50th anniversary, I would have absconded it for my speach."

    Our sunday school class did a series on marriage and there's a ton a studies that show that staying married is the best thing you can do for your kids. That divorce is more harmful to children than the parents fighting, addiction, an affair, even verbal abuse. And, you know, I see that. People who's parents have stayed married are more secure, more successful, more confident. Interesting stuff. Love ya!

  2. Beautiful words in deed my love!
    Love you so so much ~ F

  3. Beautiful, Amy. My heart is full thinking of your parents' marriage. It's also full because I know you have Jon to walk next to you through the next 42 and more years. xoxo

  4. Amy, this is so wonderful and of course if made me cry. :) I am so grateful for you and think you are amazing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

    I love you!!!