Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Last Hurrah

Jon and I had a romantic getaway in Charlottesville at the Clifton Inn – our last rendezvous with “the girls.” It was dreamy, except for the part when I ate too much pork belly and oysters, drank entirely too much champagne and subsequently got sick. Not so sexy. But, that was merely a minor detail. The rest was perfect. Our room was a cozy hideaway and the service was impeccable. It didn’t hurt that there were chocolate-covered strawberries and several treats (compliments of my sweet sis), soft music and dim lighting awaiting us on arrival. Just what the doctor ordered.

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  1. YOU ARE BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!!!! reading your blog is like watching one of the most beautiful films i have ever laid eyes on...what's most fascinating to me, though, is that what i'm viewing is your SOUL. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. go get em LITTLE FIGHTER GIRL!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!